Learn About Our Services, Step by Step

At Braveco Homes, serving clients throughout the mainland area, we’ll work closely with you to create a real home that matches your dreams. Our goal is to help educate you the best we can so that you can make the most informed decision that is best for you, your family and your future. We’ll do everything it takes to get your home built on time so that it is move-in ready. Contact us today to get started.

Our Services

Certified Housing Professional Contractor

In the event that you plan to build your own new home, Braveco Homes is available as a Certified Homebuilder with over 20 years of experience. In this instance, we are able to assist clients in the building process from a subcontracting and management standpoint.

Project Management

If you’re seeking to build your own home, but don’t have prior experience or don’t wish to be a part of the building process, Braveco Homes will take over to ensure that every aspect of the building process is done correctly. Additionally, we will be on-site to ensure your plans and wishes are met.

Project Consultation

Braveco Homes is also available as a consultant. We have the knowledge and capability to provide you with information you need while connecting you with suitable subcontractors to make your dream a reality. Each of our clients can benefit from our experienced staff that can help you smoothen all the rough edges of your project and ensure that it is completed on time and within the budget.

Our Construction Process

Home Design Stage

Creating preliminary drawings as per your “wish list” is the first step toward building your dream home. Once the drawings are reviewed by you, they are then sent to the engineer for his approval and thereafter submitted to the city for permit requests.

Permit Stage

The necessary permits and certificates needed to begin construction of your new home are obtained in this stage.

Breaking Ground and Foundation Stage

The process of excavation and foundation is the initial stage of construction indicating that the building process has “actually” begun.

Plumbing and Electrical Layout

Braveco Homes encourages you to be actively involved in reviewing the plumbing and electrical layouts of your new home. In this stage you will be invited for a personal plumbing and electrical tour with your project manager.

New Home Interior Design Consultation

You will meet with our interior designer to discuss your preferences to determine colour, style and finishing options. This is done to customize the interior of your home according to your taste and needs. Our professionals will work closely with you in order to help you make your selections for all of the design stages.

Cabinet Layout Planning Stage

During this stage you will work closely with your project manager and the cabinet designer. This will facilitate the cabinet layout according to your needs and living habits.

New Home Orientation

Once the construction is completed, you will have a quality assurance walk through with a Braveco Homes representative. This is an opportunity to familiarize you with the new systems in your home and to confirm that the final touches meet your standards.

Client Services and Care

Throughout the construction and post-construction stages, you can count on the commitment of Braveco Homes to make sure your home is a sound investment with quality materials and workmanship. After you move in, a Braveco Homes team member will get in touch with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Rest easy and enjoy your new Braveco Home, as you are in good hands.